Saturday, February 5, 2011

On the topic of Existence

The age old philosophical question: why are we here?

Well, that's easy, I've got the answer to that one. To breed. That's it. There is no greater purpose. Our function, our only real function, personal philosophies aside, is to perpetuate our species, just like every other animal on this planet. I've had enough of hearing shit about the meaning of life, there is no meaning, and the only reason we exist is because our parents felt that "need" to have children - thus perpetuating the species. Sure, most people "assign" a meaning to life based on their own beliefs, experiences, and also, let's face it, their intelligence level. People belonging to the lower IQ or fearful group tend to believe in a deity, and so for them the meaning of life is to appease said deity in order to enter their imagined blissful afterlife and live for eternity. Those who are a little more intelligent or just don't give a fuck tend to be atheists. I belong to the latter group. This group to a degree understands that there is no higher meaning or purpose, we just exist for the sake of breeding and furthering our species along. It's not a very comforting notion to many people, I know. For some reason, the idea that there's nothing after we die and our whole life has meant nothing is quite discomforting to people - that's why they invented religion. It makes them feel like they're working towards something, it gives meaning and purpose to their lives. Those who are atheists tend to treasure life more than believers though, because we see that this is it, we get one shot at this life business and then it's over. It makes the experience all the more special. Of course, it's fascinating that we as human beings actually NEED to assign meanings to our lives. I've always wondered why that is. Perhaps because we have satisfied all the basic needs of life, the things most animals must struggle to come up with every day - food, shelter, a mate - and now we're bored, so we think, we ponder. Well, some of us anyway. The majority just coast through life like zombies, medicating themselves with religion and television programmes like a heroin junkie would with a $50 rock, spoon, cotton and needle.

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